GSTEP, LLC Providing Training for: Law Enforcement First Responders Community Based Groups Youth Based Organizations Religious Organization Educational Institutions Medical / Health Care Institutions Public / Private Organizations Security / Protection Institutes Professional Sports Teams
G-STEP, LLC SERVICES EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS • GANG GRAFFITI & BODY MARKING IDENTIFICATION  EXPERT GANG TESTIMONY  & OPINIONS  MEDIA & INTERVIEW REQUESTS EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS  Civilian/Professional Identification and Awareness Programs: As   the   “gangster”   culture   continues   to   overwhelm   our   communities,   it   is   important   to   understand   how   these criminal   organizations   promote   &   expand   their   criminal   networks.   G-STEPs’   Identification   and   Awareness programs   are   specifically   designed   to   educate   professionals,   community   leaders   and   families   on   how   to recognize   gang   recruitment,   understand   history   &   ideologies,   become   proactive   towards   the   future   and prevent further dangers to our youth & community. The   G-STEP   Identification   and   Awareness   programs   are   specifically   designed   for   law   enforcement   and   a variety   of   non-law   enforcement   groups   including   but   not   limited   to;   students,   parents/guardians,   educators, community,   religious   and   medical   organizations.      These   programs   are   designed   to   support   all   of   those   who are seeking to become proactive in understanding and combating the gang influence seen in today’s youth. Youth-Based Educational Programs: Unfortunately,   many   anti-gang   programs   that   look   to   educate   young   adults   on   the   dangers   of   gangs   do   so in   the   same   manner   as   adult   educational   programs,   that   could   potentially   encourage   the   curiosities   of young   minds.   G-STEP,   LLC   focuses   on   the   false   promises   and   negative   impacts   that   are   brought   onto oneself   and   their   families   when   associating   with   and/or   joining   a   gang.      The   realities   of   personal   injuries, imprisonment   and   potential   death   that   are   associated   within   the   “gangster”   lifestyle   are   emphasized   in   an effort to encourage positive decision-making. The   G-STEP   Youth   Based   Educational   Programs   are   specifically   designed   for   middle   and   high   school student groups, junior police academies as well as other community and religious youth programs. Law Enforcement-Based Educational Programs: Having   dealt   with   both   the   dangers   of   street   gangs   and   correctional   security   threat   groups,   G-STEP,   LLC founder   understands   the   responsibility   in   providing   factual   training   to   our   law   enforcement   communities.   G- STEP’s   Law   Enforcement-Based   Programs   are   specifically   designed   to   the   reflect   the   current   gang   trends &   intelligence   of   the   requestor’s   region.   Specialized   1-Day,   2-Day   or   3-Day   trainings   are   developed   for officer   recognition   &   safety   and   provide   the   tools   to   assist   in   gang   related   investigative,   testimonial   and prosecutorial duties. The   G-STEP   Law   Enforcement-Based   Educational   Programs   provide   the   most   up   to   date   information   and intelligence   to   assist   past,   current   and   future   criminal   patterns   that   effect   our   communities   and   official duties. They   are   designed   for   law   enforcement   organizations;   police/correctional   training   academies,   sworn federal,   state,   local   or   tribal   law   enforcement,   special   agents,   sworn   adult   or   juvenile   correctional   facilities, parole,   probation,   classification   officers,   intelligence   analysts,   county   prosecutors,   detectives/investigators assigned to investigate gang crimes. Note:    Training   equipment,   expenses   and/or   essentials   will   be   finalized   via   written   agreement   with   the   contractor, training   coordinator   and/or   establishment   that   has   contracted   G-STEP,   LLC.      Upon   contract,   G-STEP,   LLC will    assist    in    advertising    the    training    course    through    its    various    social    media    outlets    and    distribution contacts. GANG GRAFFITI & BODY M ARKING IDENTIFICATION Having   identified   numerous   street/prison   gang   members   and/or   criminal   organizations   through   the   unique forms   of   codes,   symbols   and   markings   within   the   individual/group   graffiti   and/or   tattoos,   G-STEP   provides evaluation   and   deciphering   services   that   identify   the   levels   of   danger   that   may   exist   within   your   community, organization, companies and/or educational institutions. Note:  All   G-STEP,   LLC   Gang   Graffiti,   Markings   &   Tattoo   Identification   services   are   confidentially   maintained.   All opinions   will   be   conducted   by   agreed   site   visit(s),   personal   evaluation   and/or   digital   photographs   of   body markings   and/or   graffiti   in   question   which   will   be   provided   by   the   requesting   contractor.   EXPERT GANG TESTIMONY & OPINIONS: After   any   successful   gang   arrest,   it   is   vital   for   prosecution   to   select   the   most   knowledgeable   and   proficient expert   witness   to   assist   in   legal   proceedings.   With   over   twenty   years   of   experience   in   gang   identification and    training    law    enforcement    on    identification,    education    &    suppression,    G-STEP    founder,    Edwin    L. Santana   has   been   utilized   by   state   and   federal   prosecution   to   bring   an   understandable   testament   of specific   street/prison   gang   history,   identifiers,   criminal   activity   and   criminal   trends   that   is   vital   in   connecting the   organization’s   fingerprint   to   the   case.   Edwin   L.   Santana   has   provided   expert   witness   testimony   in multiple state and federal cases and can provide a curriculum vitae of his experiences upon request MEDIA & INTERVIEW REQUESTS: As   the   effects   of   the   gang   culture   impacts   our   safety   and   gang   related   incidents   occur   throughout   the   world, many   individuals   viewing   these   incidents   begin   to   question   the   how,   why,   and   where   of   gang   culture.   In assisting   in   answering   these   tough   questions,   G-STEP,   LLC   founder   has   interviewed,   assisted   and/or written articles as a gang specialist for various national/international news and media outlets including; History Channel’s “Gangland: Blood Oath” season 1 & “Gangland: One Blood” season 2 &   “Gangland: Better Off Dead” season 6 1010 WINNS AM New Radio Washington Post Newspaper Telemundo 47’s “Mara Salvatrucha; 3-Part Investigative Special” “Milwaukee Mob” Talk Radio Gotham Newspaper Fox News’ “Giraldo Rivera At Large” New Jersey Star Ledger Newspaper Biography Channel’s “Gangsters” America’s Most Evil” Philadelphia Inquirer Newspaper “The Jersey Beat” Talk Radio NJ Corrections Now Magazine Note: Members   of   the   media   who   wish   to   contact   G-STEP,   LLC   are   encouraged   to   go   to   the   “Contact   Us”   section of this website to submit questions and/or requests.
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